New Badge Squid Game \ I survived Squid Game

Name: I survived Squid Game

Descriptions" I Survived Squid Game, I won out of 29 other people!

@blife450 and @King_Nugget give this to @Nep and @denki (not me)


I accept

@Nep do you want this badge?

jinx :smirk:


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can i also have it???

Here’s a question… what time is it for you

heres?? or hers…??


What is it for you


8:46 ??

you have to play the game and win first


then you can’t have the badge because the two people up there won in the pm :skull:

Be prepared at 12:05 am at your time, if you win, you can get the badge

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You will be going against 29 other people so good luck, you have a 0.33% chance of getting the badge, but you must stay focus on the games and you will do fine

Here, we would be happy to pick you up

It seems like your interested in playing @_Casper