New features - Favorites

Hello Community!

We have received many ideas from you how our extension can be improved, we are working on some of them even right now and we want to say Thank you to everyone of you for providing us with those ideas! And today we are pleased to announce two new related features of Custom Cursor for Chrome extension.

First of all, we have added Favorites list in the extensions main pop-up. It lets you to select and switch between your liked cursor packs more quickly.
And the second feature coming out of the first, rotation of cursors from the list of favorites by time or by the number of pages visited

We are very exited about our second feature. With it, you can change your cursor to next funny cursor every few webpages you visit, or if you work on a single webpage you can get the next beautiful cursor over time. So you get more diversity, as you wanted.

Feature is available in ext version 2.1.6 and above.

You can read more on both of those features on our how to use page


favorites list?

whats that?

Now you can mark the cursor packs that you like and they will be displayed in a Favorite collection in your extension so that you can return to them quickly

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ok, thanks


How do i rotate the cursor?

i think it is a trust level u have to get on


pretty shure, what leval are you on?

i’m on trust level 1.

trust level 2 or 3, i think

Nevermind found it in manage. chrome-extension://ogdlpmhglpejoiomcodnpjnfgcpmgale/manage.html

Or you could just read our How to Use before guessing :joy:
Especially the part where it says “What is Rotate favorites and how to use it?”

yeah thats how I knew it was there lol