New Members

Hello I’m a new member and I was wondering if there was anymore new members or if you have tips for me

hiii im also a pretty new member i have been on here 7 days so far.

im not a member im a regular but just follow the rules and uh dont show your face

I’m a normal member, and I’ll tell you now

Talk. A lot.

Also, hi Max!

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hii nice to meet you

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Hi. I think you’re a friend of Litten, right?

yea i am litten is my best friend

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That’s what he said :3

I’m one of his friends on here. My name’s Ninja, but you can call me Mona.

Aye im littens mother lolololol

( not actual mother btw )

lol thats nice you both seem cool

eh ig-

i kinda get stressed sometimes

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Good soup


The newest combination that I made…

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me emo :star_struck:

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I can make you an emo combo

I’ma me member

Screenshot 2021-12-03 1.17.11 PM