No Namers Badge

Name: No Named Namer
Description: Give names to the people……With none.
People: @blife450 just @No.Namer.Reki and @Deadtsukino , @dont_care , and @Danger for now





I… I… What?.. What in the…Names of people… with no… I… What the heck am I reading?!

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Hey um @Rage

You give Names to ppl cause i give names to my friends and i was bored 🧍🧍🏾‍♀️

Look look look… if you have known by now, I have been here for about 3 years which makes me a veteran that stayed with the CCC

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I have seen many… MANY… topics in my days that includes a whole bunch of topics about badges, believe me, I’ve seen so many

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Not the Jeopardy theme song- :eye::lips::eye:

As I seen many badges with there descriptions, I also seen a lot of very odd and weird badges and some that make no since

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Ik mine dont make no sense but to me it does so-

i just wanted to make a badge

Also remember blife said 1 badge per week-

Listen, I know… people do that a lot… now… this is coming from a very old user that have seen a lot in my days… like I said I seen some odd ones but yours… made 0 since.

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This is the 3 badge i made in like 4 weeks-

Ik im sorry ill take it down- :sob:

No no no listen

Im literally sobbing rn :sob::sob:

LMAOOO :star_struck:

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