nothing but weird :D (Part 1)

i am just his friend

Ur calling that cute, do u know what he has done bro

They made me join
I had no choice :sob:

If u dont like me being weird dont talk to me simple

i put ¨…¨

No don’t

it’s a call

i didn’t really mean it

Im not saying I dont want to talk to you- but thats like- no

I know that i was playin around i dont like them to thats why i put ¨…¨

That made it weird mb :skull:

I readed the all of the messages in The CCC Library in 1 sec

want me to delete it?

Idk- or care tbh-

Just saying 🤷



D o r i t o s

Huh? I meant my teacher?


HOLA lol