ok heres another anotherrrr idea

so say someone made a topic and someone is trolling in that topic in a rude way and you want them to stop so the ccc should add where the creators of the topic can just kick certain people in those topics

they can either ban them kick them for a certain amount of days

idk if its really that good of a idea

but what you think?


Cool idea

The most likely outcome is everyone will ban everyone
So just flag or block in your profile

yea, the jerks will ban everyone from whats likly one of there faviorite chats and they will have to make a new one and then they will get banned agian and so on

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if that happens just get one of the mods are block them, and yea, or flag them

dang its true

hmmm imma think of my 100th idea

blifes typing something long

That’s how it works right now, when people see the message they do not like they flag and it gets sent to mods.
Mods review it, if they think that the post does not belong there - they hide it
If its a violation - mods suspend that user

wait am i a mod or just trust level 4?

Just TL4 user

my picture of a creepy apple got flagged

TL4 users can also act as a protection from that spam, as they also can close topics and hide posts


yep, and post admin actions, and edit other posts