Ok now Santa is just guessing! Why is sonic exe on the nice list

Not to mention Ohio is on the naughty list

Also bendy made it on the nice list
Also that Lillie person spitting facts


Is Gamemaster/ Entity 99 on the nice list?

Idk he didn’t say


Btw incase you wanna see who’s on naughty and nice list here’s Santa’s twitter

Is Freddy Fazbear on the nice list?


Rip vanny @BadKarMa

Also what did SpongeBob do…


Nightmare balloon boy is on the naughty list tho

My brother would not like that

He loves FNAF


I Think Sonic.EXE stopped killing people this year because new dates of sonic.exe games

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No in all the recent animations I have seen he k1lls people so there for hes still as evil as me

I actually saw him at this years Halloween Free For All and he k1lled a lot of people

Ohio is going to have a rainy forecast of coal

At least he put Ohio on the naughty list and Bendy on the good one


Santas an L

also idk

Bruh; what the heck does everyone have against OHIO?!

Also, Sly’s still on the nice list… But what about Carmelita Fox-

Because us Ohioans are cruel idiots

Well; I call cap; because I’m an Ohioian, with not a single ounce of cruelty in me. And Stupidity? Don’t got any of that.

Yeesh you live in the wrong Ohio then