Oliver Rickard, my Dredge OC

This is Oliver Rickard, the last known surviving member of the Rickard Family; as his mother, Amelia Rickard, had died from a nasty bout of Leukemia in the winter; and his father, Winston Rickard, vanished out at sea with a few of his friends… But not before leaving a 15 year old Oliver Rickard the keys to the Family trawler, who crossed the churning Seas in order to get to Greater Marrow’s port. Now that he’s 19; He’s a local resident of the Marrows; and has filled the vacant role of the town’s Angler, ever since the previous one vanished without a Trace one foggy night…

So far, however, no one’s found any trace of the Boat that Winston Rickard, or his friends, for that matter; were on when it sank… It was as if it just vanished without a trace…

However, as the Rickard Lighthouse’s conditions were getting unsuitable for Oliver Rickard to continue living there, he packed up his things, loaded them onto the Trawler, and migrated over the open ocean to dock at Greater Marrow.

But yeah; that’s Oliver Rickard. Hope you guys enjoy! :D

sometimes i regret showing you gacha club

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No; seriously.

Tell me why. Humor me, Mr. Robot Rex, And tell me why you Regret showing your Favorite Fearless Hero Gacha Club. Go on, I’m waiting.

becuase youre to good at it man

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Well; Perhaps I could show you on how to make your Gacha Characters look better; no offense?

I think Oliver Rickard might be my favorite African American Character I’ve ever came up with. I like that. :D