OMORI cursors?

i’ve searched basically the entire website, but to my surprise there were no OMORI cursors. im sure im not the first one to bring this idea up, but i think itd be really nice if we could get an OMORI pack. also sorry if im doing something wrong here, im a bit new to the site ':]
heres a few design ideas i thought of for each of the characters!
omori : pointer, knife. hand, omoris head.
aubrey : pointer, her stuffed plush. hand, aubreys head.
hero : pointer, spatula. hand, heros head.
(im sure you can see the pattern here, so ill ignore the hand part unless theres something different)
kel : pointer, basketball.
basil : pointer, [any flower].
mari : pointer, sheet music.
sunny : pointer, violin.

thanks for reading !! :smiley: hopefully this idea can become an available cursor.

I’m also pretty new to this site, but that sounds like such a great idea! I’d really love that as a cursor/pointer :0

Ye I really hope they add this

I just upvoted and I’m new to the site, hopefully more people see this post to make this suggestion reality!

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sunny cursor

I think we need some omori cursors

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sunny cursor

Yep, i was finding some but didnt find any so i might try making a custom one and upload it! im still trying to learn how to do it tho

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omori and steak knife

Added OMORI OMORI and Bulb Cursor to Games cursor collection

OMORI OMORI and Bulb Cursor


Added OMORI MARI Cursor to Games cursor collection