Once-In-A-Lifetime Arsonists

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Once-In-A-Lifetime Arsonists
A quiet yawn escaped Wilbur as he stared up at the ceiling. Tubbo sat on a couch nearby, trying to read a novel, yet his thoughts constantly wandered back and forth between the words on the page and restlessness.
Today should’ve been a happy day, but it wasn’t. Tommy wasn’t here, leaving Tubbo (and consequently Wilbur) more bored than they could’ve ever been. And while the silence was a bit refreshing for the both of them (Tommy’s antics could get a bit noisy sometimes), it also felt like a stab: painful.
It was too empty, and both of them were aware of the hollowness in the house.
Suddenly, Wilbur coughed. Tubbo looked up abruptly and almost dropped his book in shock when he saw the strange smile on Wilbur’s face.
Then Wilbur spoke. “Tubbo. I have an idea.”
Tubbo felt a shot of electricity flash through his whole body. He sat there, trembling in fear… but of what?
“W-what is it, Wil?”
Wilbur stood up, his smile starting to distort.
“How about we cause the trouble today, instead of Tommy? What if we were the ones who ruined the lives of others?”
Another flash of electricity. Tubbo’s trembling worsened. “Wil, I don’t understand what you mean–”
“Let’s go burn something, Tubbo. Let’s go light something on fire.” Wilbur’s smile was twisted wickedly, and there was a sort of manic tremble in his voice like he could barely keep some sort of lingering insanity at bay. “Let’s go burn something into ashes!”
A third jolt. Tubbo felt sick inside. “Wil? Are you… are you okay? Like, I know you’ve got some mental issues, but this–”
Wilbur grabbed Tubbo by his shoulders and swiftly pulled him off of the couch.
Tubbo was now standing in the grip of a complete madman with no escape. The choices were unspoken but clear: agree with Wilbur or suffer the consequences.
Of course, like the stubborn person he was, he resisted.
“Wil, I don’t think this is a good idea-”
Searing pain burned its way into Tubbo, and he released a scream that had been hiding in the back of his throat. He began to attempt wiggling his way out of Wilbur’s steel, flaming grasp, but to no avail.
“Tubbo,” Wilbur hissed. “Please. Think of it as your way of keeping Tommy safe. Just do this with me. It’s the only time I’m asking you.”
And this time, Tubbo surrendered.
“Alright, I suppose burning a few things wouldn’t hurt. We can be… once-in-a-lifetime arsonists!”
Wilbur grinned wildly. “I figured you’d agree with me. Hell needs to be raised sometimes by the unsuspecting, yes?”
And Tubbo, much to his surprise, heartily agreed.
To say it gently, there were lots of smoke and ashes that day. To put it a little more descriptively, Wilbur and Tubbo had lit at least two blocks worth of buildings on fire that day. The chaos was like adrenaline to the both of them, fueling their brains with a pure, undistilled spirit- the spirit of chaotic, pleasurable, and manic destruction. The smoke had entered their lungs and worked its way to their minds so that the only thoughts they had were wild and infernal.
In short, they had an excellent day.
Tubbo and Wilbur burst through the front door, running and laughing and constantly crashing into each other in a race to be the first one to collapse on a couch. Both of them were clad in long coats (Wilbur’s was tattered and scorched near the bottom, while Tubbo’s had a patch on the upper right arm) and soft beanies perched atop their heads (Wilbur’s was black and Tubbo’s was red).
What they weren’t prepared for, of course, was Tommy arriving home before they did. Because he had, in fact, returned half an hour before the one-day arsonists and was waiting for them in the living room. The very room the criminals were heading for.
And the second Tommy saw Tubbo and Wilbur dressed so similarly, their shirts covered in ash and their jackets reeking of smoke, he got suspicious.
But Wilbur’s madman grin was all it took to show him what had happened.
“What were you two doing while I was gone?” Tommy questioned.
Tubbo and Wilbur froze in their tracks and stared at Tommy like he had died and come back to life.
Tubbo spoke first. “We… we were burning things. All day. Because we were bored and had nothing to do because you were gone all day with Technoblade.”
Wilbur nodded grimly, all traces of insanity wiped away.
Tommy sighed and stared at the twosome, expressions of concern forming on his face. Then he smiled.
“You two are gonna be like me someday before you realize it. Now, maybe you guys should get changed. You’re gonna make the whole house smell like smoke!”

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