Pinning replies

THere are a few topics that could benefit from this. Pinning a certain reply to be the first one you see under the main post, for example:

Artists of the community has had an issue of people posting art claiming it as theirs. If this was pinnable by TL4 and higher, or the topic’s creator. This could also be a quicker way to get important info to the top of a post without going into edit mode and using copy/paste to get it onto the main topic, or going into edit mode and quoting the info.


I deffo support.


bumping this up

Puting this meme to Bump this topic…
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I think mods and TL4 users have that power already

Should be in this menu

stream stalker by stevie howie anyways

when was the “pinning a reply” thing added for tl4+ users ?? if it was alr a thing then malak wouldve used it heavily by now

Not everyone wants to promote themselves that badly

in topics she would screenshot old posts and repost them in that topic or other topics, im js asking when it was added bc if it was an older update she probably wouldve used it


I’ve misread that as topics.
I’m not sure that it’s possible because of the way discourse displays posts in general.
When you enter a topic you go directly to the last post, and only a dozen of the above posts are loaded to increase page loading speed. So above posts are not loaded unless the user scrolls up there.
So I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I’ll think about it