Please add these cursors they are much needed

Please add these:
Red Panda Cursor - Animals
Burrito cursor - Food & Drinks
Half fire half Ice cursor - Starter
Arrow and Target Block - Minecraft
BD-1 - Star Wars
1968 Chevrolet Nova - Supercars
Ugandan Flag - Country Flags
Infernape - Pokemon
Amazon Cursor - Web Media
Donkey Kong Cursor - Super Mario
Dry Bones - Super Mario
A Stitch cursor that is Not Christmas - Disney Cartoons
PSP or PS Vita cursor Gadgets & Devices
Fitbit - Gadgets & Devices
Please Add These No Matter How Long It Takes!

It’s better to post those ideas separately, as we don’t see how many people voting for each individual cursor idea



just vote and put the one you want and if you like all of them put “all”

red panda

red panda plz

I am designing a model of one

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haha I tried sending you a picture but the copy link had a word that was not allowed

I made one but it looks bad! Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 12.41.46 PM|296x238

its not bad!!!
thats good

Umm OK?!

Can you vote please?!


there :3


you’re welcome

I voted for yours

thank you :blush: