pls dont call me a kid

i hate ppl calling m a kid

ok kid

I h8 u

You are a tween.


bruh stop calling people a kid if you don’t know their age it makes you look dumb tbh

I’m 10 is 10 a kid?

He is a tween.

It depends.

i also watch naruto when it is 14 and up

It shouldn’t matter though. If you don’t want to be called a kid you shouldn’t be called a kid.

A little bit ago I said I hated little kids most of the time but then someone said something like “It’s odd how you hate little kids but you yourself is 11.”

Like, i’m 11, i’m not a little kid! I’m like a pre-teen!

im gonna turn 11 in july

yes very much more like a fetus

I’m 38 turning 42 in august


That’s not how it works-

yeah it is

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dont underestimate his power