Pls, plz or Please? what is the Difference?

Well, We sure love to use Pls or Plz to want something from someone.
But does it sound rude? Is it really that bad? It depends, Because you are just kinda using a short way to write plz or pls Which kinda sounds rude.

It kinda sounds like you REALLY want the job done, Even though it isn’t that important.

The real way to spell ‘‘plz’’ Is Please. And not pls or plz.

You should ALWAYS Remember to say please,

SO what about the difference between NEED and WANT?

Well if we say need then that means WE NEED it but not WANT it exactly,

But if we say WE WANT IT it sounds, well, Pushy. So it is best to say ‘‘Hi! 𝐈 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞…’’ That is the real way to say it! We should always think of what we are saying, especially to a person.

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I hope this helps with people that are confused with the difference between PLZ and PLS!~

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why do you always make these long (pretty much entire articles) pieces of information that no one asked for

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Well, Nobody even said that you have to comment on here. : /

Anyways, I had to make this, because nowadays people don’t know anything that if something sounds rude or not.

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Plus, you can read it or not if you like. It is not my choice for you to read it. : /

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why are you being mean when nobody asked you to be mean?

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i’m not trying to be mean its just that no one asked for these long articles about what people say or memes (AKA the VSCO girl thing)

and also you are posting the links to these to random peoples cursor ideas and chats and you come out of nowhere and post these completely unannounced

You are the one who came out of nowhere who just WANTS this to end, even though you are the one who can decide whenever to not read it and to read it.

You are not the boss of me, I am trying to at least make a DIFFERENCE.

So begone you little demon with a danny devito picture which makes him look like he is Ga^

I solved it. There is no difference between plz pls and please. plz and pls are just shortened versions of, please. It not that important.

But it is, It just says it there due to posts of people that don’t actually know if it is bad.


You are a disgrace to the Danny kind.

i know she is

Yeah, But i wasn’t joking.

This does not look like that. It is a superhero.image

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  • Insert Just your ordinary Super Hero the song here
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Just trying to help.