poll for my game show name ( try 2)

CHICKEN 0-0 mmh

ooh okay!

Omggg you watch Ouran-

yes- im weird otaku


If you want to be a contestant you can ask me over here,

I am too -

I honestly like the manga better than the anime, ngl

ooo i havent read it but i will someday! i dont own mangas i borrow from my libray in summers often

Yeahhh sameee my library has most of the Host Club mangas but I stopped borrowing them after school started

I am a contestent

ah my libray dont have that much mangas

Are you just gonna call me that now :skull:

And I’m fine, hbu?

I have a library in google chat

Good too and maybe Braces

Ohh aw man :0

I have a n a m e yknow


ok wat braces?

Just call me Rascal please