RANDOM chaotic roleplay of creatures

this roleplay is basically about mythical creatures or hybrids going to school together anyone can join so don’t ask to join

rules: no making your character to powerful, if you character is a bully make sure to not put anything to bad.

put your characters age, the species they are and what they look like

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too much work fr
Back to sleeping with the rats

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make sure to feed ur rats

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100% fighting with them over a piece of cheese

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get more cheese

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someone pls join the roleplay

Im just that lazy to do that


welp back to the shadows of life

bye bye

good bye

could I join?


yes ofc


images (3)

hates:annoying people, people trying to up her, her parents,school
loves:anything sweet, food makeup,perfume
personality: shes a little bit of a bully some days, very rude, laughs when people cry
powers:can control electricity, and can fly
weapons:she uses her bow and arrow a lot

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name: elsa
age 12
hate: ppl bees
love: friends butterflys

stuff: mean dose not care abt stuff
specials: telekinesis

power can see ppls mind

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do we start?

ima have a few more ppl join