Random rp out of boredom

So this can be about whatever as long as it isnt overpowered



Ok nice, Now I may join :sparkles:

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Ok so we should have a plot-

I don’t have any idea’s but…Magic-

thats sad-


Mk welp- I’m gonna find an/a OC

Same brb-

i am too-

K back-

Idk if I should RP as a guy or a girl- Someone pick


Neither or both- or u can choose one idk which one tho cause im Agender-

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I’m non-binary, I’m just gonna let google decide-

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my oc is gonna be non-binary so yuh

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Now i wanna say this line from sk8 the infinity and im gonna say it :smiley:

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But pls dont be offended cause its in my bio-

Oh no It’s fine-