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should we remove the miniladd cursor

  • yes^
  • no_
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should we remove the miranda sings cursor

  • yes@
  • no$
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should we remove the sniperwolf cursor

  • yes
  • no
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should we remove the wilbur soot cursor

  • yes(
  • no)
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the little things there are cause the polls had to have different options so yeah


Poll broke

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You should probably fix your polls

im trying

that didnt work either

ok i fixed it

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@blife450 voting closed

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Unlisted them all, please check if any of them left listed


What about the ppl that owned the cursors before removial

wilbur soot is still here

Literally just checked he’s not

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my computer for some reason wont take a screenshot

Wilbur Soot made most of the vine memes I love famous in his ylyl vids it’s a shame for his downfall

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what happened with him?

He beat his girlfriend Shubble

I linked his bad apology in thread #1 last week