Rich demon lady

Oh wow; I really love your OCs-

(post deleted by author)


run no GIF

You better have a good explaintion for saying that on a site like this; because I’m getting @zigglybopbop.

It’s honestly not okay to joke about something like that. What if a kid who doesn’t know better gets curious and looks it up, and then they’ll get in trouble with their parents, their School Organization (If it’s a School Computer), and Law Enforcement.

i just trying to be funny man

Okay, But still. It’s a bit risky for you to be talking, nonetheless, JOKING about stuff like that.

man chill its not that serious i deleted it

you used to have a sense of humor dash

wait what did they say!?-

Well; I still do have a sense of Humor, but I don’t find stuff like that funny.

They were joking about



well i do you shouldnt fight me for having a different sense of humor then you

shes like- 40-49 dude…

and i was joking

yk this is a childrens website correct…?



people have done worse on here by a lot

what was it?