Rp cause im to bored.. You want more reasons? Nah

@BadKarMa @Ethan.kun @G0N4.B3D

I have a rp wanna join that

i have been summoned


^-^ Hmm-

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Name: Belen
Age: 17
S: Pan
Favorite music artist: Penelope Scott
Fave song: Cigarette Ahegao
Single/taken: Single
Pronouns: She/they
Past: Was used by her father for her B0dy, And her mother would literally sell her to old men, for an hour, To be a “T0y”. And She always flinches now whenever someone walks over to her she doesn’t trust

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Any ideas for a plot?

…I dont :sob:

I’ll give some ideas.

Elemental society-
Obvious; a kingdom where the different sections of it represent a different element; but with a twist. The Fire Section isn’t all that dangerous; the people here have grown to control their fire magic.

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Im just gonna wait for people to join

hi can i join

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Yeah sure!!!

Name- Max
age- 19
likes- peace god jesus reading drawing sleeping
dislikes- rude people
abt- idk
backstory- idk
sexuality- transgender
gender- female


yall there?

I’m here

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Sorry my internet went out-)


lol i forgot to join


Can I join