Rp for all the bored peeps

Alex looks over at mandy- Alex’s eyes widen- Alex goes to mandy and helps mandy with Mandy’s books

sees alex helping mandy with the books

“Oh, hi there! Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.”

“Mhm” “so where would you like me to put these?”

still awkwardly observing

“Ah, just on the bench is fine!”

oh-- scoots over

“Ok” walks to the bench" and sets the books down"

-“Awkwardly smiles at him”-

commits arson and burns entire rp

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oh no

“Thanks! I’m Mandy, by the way. What’s your name?”


BAHAHAH great job)


oh nvm i wont be on all night i gtg so cya

oh okay goodnight



gn everyone ig)