Sad facts about me

[Trigger warning]

I was held at knifepoint once,

I nearly got choked out on my way to my current in place,

My family disowned me and sent me to live with my bf @Adidas_Doge because of financial problems,

I have had mild head trauma,

Something I have to go through Is mild brain damage, sometimes I can’t think straight and will forget some things

hugs you
I’m so sorry that you have to/had to go through all of that

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Can . you . delete . or . edit . this .

Maybe blur and then the non blurred text would be Warning, some sensitive topics ahead

Like give a trigger warning

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There you happy now.

Yes, much “happier”

you could’ve made this a vent topic tho :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This was a vent topic. You can’t see that? This is all very touchy to me so it’s a surprise I made this topic to begin with.

You wouldn’t say sad facts about me if it was a vent topic-

Well no because u named it sad facts abt me and made this abt u-

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There is a difference between facts, and venting

better than the original :skull:

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Imma see that later, watching death note right now

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Elite is the only one here who sounds like they care and probably are (besides me)

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We do care, they just should’ve put a trigger warning and made it clearer that this was a topic for venting-

Oh, but I’ll just say this to (hopefully) cause less confusion like this. Try to word things better ok? Things can be taken the wrong way if something isn’t worded wisely or has some things people can interpret to be rude or negative. This is just some advice to try and prevent mix ups like this from being a reoccurring problem.

it’s not easy to word stuff- for me at least-

That’s horrible