scary cursors

scary cursors


We now have Halloween cursors, you can find scary and funny cursors there

Added Halloween Black Cats Ghost and Mummy to Halloween cursor collection.

What I mean is ones that are scarier then the monsters and that stuff.
Like eyeballs that look realistic or blood.

hi @blife450 @Mario_Flores

Added Halloween Witch on Broomstick and Acid Spider Cursor to Halloween cursor collection.

Hi @mittens

hi @blife450 hows your morning?

Busy as always :grin:

mines preety good wait i think @Jeremiah_James_Day did a inappropriate meme in meme plase

never mind

When someone flags something it pops-up in admin interface as a separate alert, so we see it

oh, so you saw my flag?



how many avrag flags do you get each day?

About 5 or 6

wow thats a lot

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