Me and Simon take @Cam_Man and @Sargent_James to Silverstar, where a bunch of friends live.

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Maybe someone can help me with the gun… Possibly not.

hmm, i wonder what the terrain will look like…


It’s not a planet.
It’s a huge star.

oh, whatever…

Simon knocks on the door
“Slash, let me in, for star’s sake! Before I break the door down!”
The door opens, revealing Slash (I forget what he looks like sorry)
’ ’ You 1diot, who’s with you?’ ’
“They’re friends. Let us in.”

Finally makes it here

I need fire

Walks around and sees something odd Thats strange.

Or water

i wonder what my parents will say when i get home…

hey @Rabbit-Warrior, Heatwave will gladly allow you to use some of his fire…

But i need water also

Simon smiles
"Welcome to Silverstar, where all evil is banned. It’s also where I lived, but I got a bit fed up and left.
Someone runs down the stairs

well, use my canteen, it has some water in there…

The strange thing appears to be a wrench and a fire axe, I decided to ignore it

(I’m being Simon from now on)

(That’s not in Silverstar…)

Thank you @Sargent_James