simp police now hiring

we arrest simps


you simp on BIG CHUNGUS

i do not

you do too.

i dont

you do, @Red_hood

no i dont erik

yes, you do, lil’ pygmy ender

i will let you off with a warning

or what? you gonna bite my ankles?

no i will arrest you

you’re 2 times smaller than me, you can’t do that

Says the person who simps for fricking BIG CHUNGUS.


how tf are you that tall

yall teaming up aganst me

i’m 6", you’re only 4"

I am also tall as well!

Like 7".

actually im 6’ft’6 (canonicly in the dream smp witch is what i am using for my version of ranboo)

well, Erik is 8’ft’5, so, YOU A SMOL BEAN!