SML rp ( super Mario Logan)

An rp where you can be as annoying than ever!
Jeffy: me
Marvin / Mario : open
Rose / rosalina: @Emily_TheAnimeweeb
JR: open
Joseph: open
Cody: open
Jeffy’s mom: open
Jeffy’s dad ( before he died): open
Doodle jeffy: open
Doodle mario: open (added doodle mario cuz wanted to.)
Goodman: open
Richard: open
Brooklyn T guy: open
Penelope: @Girlfriend-Cherry
Goodman’s daughter: open
Chef pp ( no joke that’s his name): open
Bully: open
Jackie chu: open
Bowser: open
Jonathan: open
Ken: open (did this cause, people want to be him even though most of the time he just sits there)
Tell me if i missed anything



wut dis

Oh its an SML rp

idk what dat is
that’s what

so what character u want?

idk i’m watching one

watching a movie? of theirs that is.

pool shark

I already watched that. ALSO I JUST REMEMBERED GOODMAN!

U missed Phoebe

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Oh my god- I love SML- Y E S

Can I be Penelope?

Super jeffy

Gold Jeffy

Robot Jeffy