so i created this Tankmen OC...

here he is:
his Name is Blaze, and he’s really great when it comes to working a Flamethrower.

let me know what you guys think of him below

Pretty accurate to the Tankmen style

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Thanks, @Adidas_Doge! i could make one for you; just state the Gender, Name, and Weapons of Choice for me.

Machete and AK-47

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alright; i’ll save those details and get started asap!

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I like him.
Is it bad that I never watched any Newgrounds animation?-

no; not at all!

what symbol on the shoulders, and what color should the Visor be for Reece?

Tankmen visors are white so that


download (2)

What’s that…?

i tried with the AK; so yeah:
base-10-pixilart (1)
here you go, @Adidas_Doge.

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I knew it!!!

some More Tankmen OCs i made for a friend:
base-10-pixilart (1)

base-10-pixilart (2)

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Cool drawing