so, i made some Adopts from watching someone play the game, Webbed; and then this happened:

here’s the Adopts:

anyway, now the info:
#1 Male Military ant (Captain Antonus); Status: Open
#2 Female Bowerbird (Lapis); Status: Open
#3 Male Moth (Dull); Status: Closed

if you want to adopt one, and you’re only allowed one; ask me on DeviantArt. (Remember, tag is @ThatOneWindBoi on DA)

i like lapis

would you like to adopt her, @Lizafton-christmas?

Lapis look like the lapis from steven universe-

sighs well, i should have cleared this up before; she’s not based on her though.

no it dont

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thank you. at least someone understands.


anywho, do you want to adopt Lapis?


alright, she’s yours!


you’re welcome.

the captain guy just reminds me of the kapow episode with flippy…

i would want him but i dont have DA


what did you say?

I said I like Captain Antonus

oh ok