so yeah; umm, i made myself in Gacha club.


(before you flag, that g_n is actually something used in a PM with my friends.)


Yesh, I am here

Here it is!


that looks great!

Thanks! I had to use a color combiner cause i am bad at figuring out which colors looked good together

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that’s okay. so, maybe we could do some Roleplaying in our PM?

Nice! I Can Show You Mines

Lmbo lemme get on my main



prob will change the design

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looks good, could use some adjustments, but other than that, nice!

what’s his/her name?


Mac :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

umm, okkkaaayy.

Also, I have really long hair that go to my shoulders, so thats why it might look like a girl kind of

that’s okay; i respect that!