Some smol drawings :3

The first one: This was my first time doing a detailed pencil-only drawing and I am so proud of it.
The second one: JUNIPER BUT ACADEMIA and it’s for @galaxywiings



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sweater vest pog

I wonder what Sora would look like in academia–

I suggest elongating the face before ending the chin, and I also suggest widening the shoulders

I don’t think your art is bad, I’m just trying to help you maybe improve- sorry :sweat_smile:

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But if that’s just your art style, sorry I said anything-

She’s always trying to improve, I don’t think she’ll be angry.

Oh, thank youu

Just be glad you never saw the phase where her necks were super long and thin.
I saved her from that crisis-- barely.

Lollipop necks :skull:

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I gave ger some tips and they instantly looked better.

That’s greatt

I am actually trying to work on the shoulders.
But every time I try, it looks too blocky.

As for the faces, they seem fine to me, but I probably need to work on my heads anyways. Thank you for letting me know about this!

I’m glad I was of some help :))