Someone, please come live with me in Afwica ;-;

(kinda for an rp? idk)
Please, pretty please.

And like, the desert oasises. Those’ll be cool.

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And one more thing: Since Egypt was one of the first cities, I have historical advantage.

well, i have the most dangerous wildlife of all.)

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Me who reads books
I know, but now you’ve got the location of the book Jasper Jones and I’m gonna cry because good grief it is such an amazing book.

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Like, no fair! I want Corrigan!

never read it, is it amazing?

screams IT’S AWESOME.

Except there’s excessive swearing. Like, a lot.
Including the f-word.
sigh I have to hide the book from my parents.
My oldest sister gave it to me for Christmas and my parents have no clue.


And it’s set during, like, Vietnam War. In an Australian town, Corrigan.

I’d say what happens, but it involves death.

oh, okay

(sadly, i am in custody of the Country that lost a war to a bunch of Emus-)


@Litten I probably shouldn’t be pinging you, but I am the most desperate kid alive.


how about living in the void


i think your father likes other women tho

hugs Fank you!

:gun: :cowboy_hat_face:

i live in new york city im from the hood

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i live in the void :woman_standing: