Spike's Tavern (only enter here in the Needle's Quest part 1 Link)

Welcome to Spike’s Tavern, we have Food, weapons’, maps, tools, video’s, images, music, and much more… so what do you want from here mate

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Welcome to my Tavern @Simp-2


I have a quest for you, this came from a guy named Needle gives him a letter

somewhere, in a Kelp Forest not far from the coast of Lucella, a small Urchin Knight (the Small Urchin Knight is me, btw) gets ready to fight Riptide, a massive Water Dragon, but he can’t do his quest alone, he needs a team, who won’t abandon him during the many battles he will do once he leaves the safety of Tidepool, his home town, so he’ll find some teammates in the custody of the inhabitants of Otter Rock, a nasty group of bipedal, and extremely dangerous Otteroids (basically, think Otter+Human=Otteroid) who eat Urchin Knights like Needle, but, if he can gather a few teammates before he confronts Scarface, a Otteroid who has a scar across his eye, which he got from a Harpy; so he will travel far and wide across Kelptara, fighting and searching for teammates

We need people like you

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Like me???

Yes… you have a very rare gift, of magic.

Do I have a rare gift magic??

I have not seen people with magic before, but you are the first

And do you know what’s the rare magic

Not 100 percent sure, however you must control it first


Rest for tonight, tomorrow we will start


Oh ok gn master

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Call me Spikes

Ok spikes

Hey still up ay @Little_kid

u h h i-

Welcome to my Tavern come take a seat
starts the fireplace
Ready for Autumn yet? I know I am.