star fox

I want Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardy, peppy hair, slippy toad, wolf, and the one, the only, Andross

Pigma dengar, James Mccloud, Leon, Krystal, Beltino Toad, Panther Caroso, Lucy Hare, R.O.B. 64, Aparoid Queen, Prince Tricky, Andrew Oikonny, and General Pepper. That’s all the ones you did not name. (I think)

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i think a star fox could be cool

so vote

and I don’t even know some of these charictars

and probibly a broken camera to one of the robots to represent Star fox Gard

or an airwing to walker and land master to flying landmaster or even the heacopter thing to the robot that pops out.

Added Star Fox McCloud Blaster to Games cursor collection

I was just about to say thank you

Added Star Fox Wolf O Donnell to Games cursor collection