Star Wars Fan/Expert Badge

not to ask for badges but i think alot of people here could have these badges @blife450

  • yes
  • no

0 voters

vader for fan
rex for expert

1st dibs on Expert

i dont want it lol

lol can u at least vote yes pls

i vote no


EVERYONE VOTE NO! :smiling_imp:

noone will

for a… cookie?

hmmmmm thats a hard deal…

nah fam XD

2 cookie?

make it 10 cookies and send it to my house

ok just tell me your address, ip, and credit card infomation so i can purchase and send these cookies


id rather be smart

that is smart

nah im good

u sure i promise its just for chips ahoy

yeah my card number is 1234 5678 9101

thanks bruh
hears in the background
time to buy some vbucks