story ooh (and it's based on a song)

the curing of my pain in the depths of repose
(based on “Oblivion” by Halfy & Winks)

Pride in myself was something I swore would never die.
Sora had always felt pride in his accomplishments. He had always felt the stinging pain of defeat and humiliation whenever his accomplishments were rejected or determined as unable to help him.
Gaining respect means giving up a past life.
He had left Destiny Islands at first to explore the world and find his friends, but now he was determined to be a great fighter. But it seemed to be nearly impossible.
The illusion crafted by my arrogance had protected me from the wrong that I couldn’t admit.
The little voice in his head had told him that fame and power didn’t suit Sora, but he always pushed that whisper to the back of his mind. He had convinced himself that yes, he was meant for being famous.
But the voice had been right, after all.
Now I lay across the dust-ridden floor, knowing now the regrets shouldn’t be ignored.
Sora was dreaming.
In the dream, he was in a prison cell. The floor was coated in dust. And he was regretting every stupid, egotistical move he had made in his life.
Left to waste, now I see how you must’ve felt when the world began to change and I followed.
His dream-self was realizing how scared he had felt when Destiny Islands had been taken over by the Heartless; how hopeless and lost he had felt when he first woke up in Traverse Town and chased by the Heartless, unaware of the power of what had seemed to him, at first, to be a sword-like key, but what he now knew was the Keyblade.
Was this what he had started as? Yes. And he was only now realizing that it had perhaps been for the best.
Floods of memories drown me in the abyss.
He was remembering how he had felt on that first journey to save the world. He had been confused, but he put on a smile and a brave face because he hated to let his friends think he was sad. He had only been fourteen when this mess began, after all. He had cared about what other people thought.
So he did what they expected him to do: save the world and his friends, even at the cost of his life. He would’ve still been dead had Kairi not revived him with the light in her heart.
Ceiling fades, empty space, hanging barely from a cliff that’s thousands of feet tall.
And now he was running in the dream, running into a dark passageway that soon faded into the outside and led to a high cliff. And now the cliff was cracking, he was going to fall now…
And now I fall. Now I fall into oblivion.
He screamed loudly in pure, untarnished fear as the rock gave way under his feet, gravity dragging him down into the darkness that waited for him, a hungry demon lying in wait for a sinner. For him.
And he was scared. He felt like a child again.
But then he started to see memories again.
Landing back at the beginning of our prime, we’d built ourselves and our kingdom in the summer sun one brick at a time.
Sora saw himself and his two closest friends, Kairi and Riku, playing together, building their raft. Completely innocent of the wave of darkness that was to come to their precious islands that night.
He found himself longing for the carefree days of childhood again.
Now those walls are nothing but rubble and dust.
But then the image of this young euphoria twisted into the night of darkness. The loss of Riku to that dark portal. Kairi’s heart coming into his. The destruction of his beloved islands.
The pain of reliving this was making his heart throb.
What was once silver lining of us has turned to rust.
The honey coating of life had left him right there and then, and ever since then, he’d been protecting the world. It was exhausting, but he had never wanted to admit it.
But now he realized that if he didn’t tell anyone, he would crumble. Just like his home had two years ago.
In those days when we’d fight our demons together, if we started over, oh, I wonder, would I be descending through the darkness, through the fire and the rain and the mist? Would the air have failed to catch me as I failed to catch you?
Sora and Donald and Goofy had fought demons together.
But so had he and Riku.
If he were allowed to start everything over… what would happen? Would he be on this journey to world fame? Would he have ever met the duck and the dog he had journeyed with? Would he fail to save what matters most, just as his pride and vanity-driven desires were now failing to catch him?
Would we have fallen? Fallen into oblivion?
Sora suddenly broke free from the spell his dream had cast upon him, sweating and gasping for air as his Atlantic blue eyes flashed open and reality came charging at him like a soldier charging at the enemy.
It was just a dream. None of this mattered to him anymore. Only the future and the fame were important now.
Or was it?
Alone in this empty room, all I hear now is the ambiance of our faded tune.
His heart was pulling him in a thousand different directions now, and it hurt.
What did he really want?
He closed his eyes and began to search his soul for his true desires.
How fragile of me to break so easily. Fear took the lead, now I’m still falling.
And then he realized.
It was his friends that he wanted.
It was his friends that he cared about the most.
Fame was boring and dull. It held nothing for him but emptiness and pain and betrayal of what he loved and cherished and held close to his heart.
Oh, oh, falling, falling into oblivion, into oblivion.
Sora now made a new promise.
His friends would come first from now on. His friends and the friends he would make on his journeys.

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