tgcf badge | Heaven Official’s Blessing

I want a badge created, please! Here are the required info for the badge.

Badge name: Heaven Official’s Blessing

Image for the badge:


Description of the badge: “I promise, you will not find another person who is more sincere than me in this world.” –Hua Cheng

People that also want it: me, @stargeto , @PR3TTY.K1NG , @Pink-shifter

Thank you @blife450


:walking_man: huh

t e a

Nyana just stop you can’t force anybody to do anything also this is a teen site of course there gonna cuss also you cussed before so why can’t they

Don’t even. Flag them or try getting them suspended they don’t deserve it

And you get into everyone’s business too so you have no rights to tell people to stop too


Or devli

No nyana

You gotta be respectful and just chill out and control your angry


Your young you need to learn and be educated

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why do you block me everytime i cant control my anger

Because you can be troublesome I just don’t wanna deal with the drama

But that’s why you gotta learn and grow up more

Thats why parents and school exist

ok a game to make me fell happy

Nyana I’m playing a game with friends right now

I can’t

If we refuse to play your game you will respect that choice

:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: i can play

:rage: :anger: ok

Nyana somebody wants to play with you

So play fair and be respectful

:woman_facepalming: watch the tone ma’am

:skull: dont put mad emojis–

:point_right: :point_left: