The baddie Badge

(This is @Asia.Baysha idea )
Badge name: The fellow Baddies
Discription: JOIN THE BADDIES MWHA GRRRRRRRr :black_heart:
Pic: images - 2021-10-19T080406.357

@blife450 Give this badge too @Asia.Baysha @Misty @Baby_bear @Spooky-Player_067 @hii_sseug @The-Egg @Detective.Shuichi @Zer-0 @Ivyrhi
(If i forgot you PLZ tell me)


Tysm Ghost :crazy_face: :star_struck: :heart:

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Npp Asiaa :crazy_face: :call_me_hand:

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Lol what? Can you actually do that?

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Yuh i think so

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Ig if it works thats cool

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How is everyone today? (❁´◡`❁)

I’m gud you?

I’m okay, but I got asked if I could show my face by Noah, so a little creeped

Don’t do that- :skull:

I said no

Good :+1:

It’s really weird that he’s always asking ppl to show their face ;-;

What is the reason to do that like they don’t need to see you’re face- :skull:

exactly, and in another discussion he was like im straite (lol thats how he spelt it) I think he’s trying to get his hands on a girl :scream:

:skull: :skull: