the big smart badge

Badge Name: big smart.

Badge Picture:

Badge Description: mmmmm yesh. you are smart, but not smart. you are BIG SMART. you are now one of the big smart.

join the big smart

no join the alec binjamin cult

sorry i must go my separate ways.
i must join the big smart.

i will start a war

the big smart will win.

me and my 7 other members shall defeat the big dumb


you are NOT worthy of the big smart.
ALL OF YOU are not worthy of the big smart.

well we have good vibes and no violence

the big smart has big smartiness and good vibes.

you have no chance against the big smart.

i will join big smart

thank you.

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I’m never smart

you are always smart.

you are big smart.

@King_Nugget @Mr.Grammarly @MIL0

I ain’t smart ;-;



Big Smart.

neither am I, we are like two peas in a pod