The broken city

The corrupted roam free here, so if you go here/live here, and try to avoid the corrupted if you do, lock your Apartment’s door.

hello old pal

i dont work for that dolt zephyr anymore

i have free will

says you, i’m still here, you know…

i wont work for you i may be insane but i have standards

and what you do thats messed up even by my standards

i need to go through here but that might be dumb…

i am standing with @Adidas_Doge you will fall

administers the cure

that’s what you think…

the cure does nothing for me, stage 7 is impossible to cure…

well i will stand against you

@Adidas_Doge add me back to ikea plz

ThIs ShOuLd Go In ThE Rp ToPiC

you know what I’m just gonna be as quiet as I can to get through here, maybe if I get lucky I won’t become corrupted…

hears you

i thought she would have responded to you by now .-.


maybe she has a pending post-