The Comrade Team

Have this pic to join d990d800b0e48149851d0f1da28e4b6781edd879_2_690x459


It’s a clan

we are a people

do we do a clan

we will do a clan

who will do it?

idk @blife450 can we have a ussr badge

or could we have a comrade bage to all the people that have this [email protected]


moscow moscow sdjfhjlkdfhsdkf haha hsdah


I’m not happy abt it, but if you all want
I need a name, image, and description

it will be called the comrade badge the pic is this

and the description is
Здравствуйте товарищи

wait we are getting one?

i think

Комбрад Рэмбо

hello are yu here


comrade shall we invade Ah yes, Harry Potter

yes comrade