The Cunning Cooper Clan Badge

Badge Name: Cunning Cooper Clan
Badge Image:

Badge Description: Greetings, friends, colleagues, and creatures of all shapes and sizes! I’m the Raccoon, the Myth, the Legend; Sly Cooper; and I come to bestow upon you an invitation to the Cunning Cooper Clan. Do you accept? We’d be happy if you did.

Badge Recipients: Me, of course, @Night_Wing, @Adidas_Doge, @Alex-TheGayPeep, @kok0s.own3r



Yes, I accept


add my name

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sign me up por favor


Me too

can you remove it for me? dash added me to the list of recipients without asking my permission -_-

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look. I’m just trying to be nice; that’s all. If you don’t appreciate my badges, then I’ll never make them again.

hey @blife450, it’s me, @DashtheWarrior; could you remove the Cunning Cooper Clan badge from both @galaxywiings and @traversetxwn?

it’s not that i don’t appreciate them, it’s that i either don’t want/need them or you have them given to me without asking me first /nm

Please give me it @blife450

Hello @Spyro_The_Dragon @DashtheWarrior
Why multi-accounts?
Why were users listed without them knowing about this badge?


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thank you : ) he always gives me badges without asking for some reason

look, this is just my alternate account for a different device, please don’t delete me.

And the second question?

Can i have the badge @blife450 ?

Well, i was just trying to be nice. That’s all.

You should not force people to have your badge, if they want it - they will ask for it
When I create badges I assume that all of the listed people notified and willing to accept it
But this request proved me wrong

@TDogFresh You should ask @DashtheWarrior / @Spyro_The_Dragon and after that tag me