The era of School {RP, Plz come here}

Hey lets RP. I used to do school rp but they stopped so here is my own rp.


Special Kids:
Artists: @Rascal, @Luna_Jane_Shadow, @Maddiehasbeenfound
Popular Kids: @Rascal, @Nathan, @Itookmochisramen, @Shadow_SAVAGE12, @Maddiehasbeenfound
Mean Girls: @Itookmochisramen, @thanatophobia
Sort of mean but still kinda nice: @Luna_Jane_Shadow,
Weird Kids:
Musicians/Singers: @Luna_Jane_Shadow, @Maddiehasbeenfound
Teachers Pet:
Shy Kids: @noor_aftonfam, @Rascal
Psychopaths: @Itookmochisramen

And feel free to suggest more roles. Also, @ or pm me if u want a role

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Can I be artist AND popular?

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can i join as a popular?

hey, @Luna_Jane_Shadow, both me and @Rascal want to join as populars…

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ok i am doing something rn but after we can rp and assign roles

Thank youuu!

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ok im still doing something but ill be done in like an hour

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hi can i be one of the shy kids


so, are we gonna do the rp, or what guys?

Uh, I’ll take Mean Girl and Popular Kid! And I’m just gonna play as Charlie Emily,

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hey @Luna_Jane_Shadow, @Itookmochisramen wants Mean girl, and Popular kid…



can i join?

n-nevermind n-no one g-gonna a-answer

yes, @Midoriya-AKA-Nezuko you can join!

Obviously a shy kid :smirk:

@Luna_Jane_Shadow, come back…

yeah, duh.

I know :sunglasses: :sparkles: