The Google House Expert Badge (for Savage12 for winning a challenge)

This thing goes to @Shadow_SAVAGE12 don’t give it to me.

Description: Congrats You won The Google House Challenge, Enjoy this badge!

@blife450 and @Nuggy when you get a chance

i won yayyyyyyyyy

uuumm ok

No, you did not @Shadow_SAVAGE12 did

undertale_text_box (1)



this should win

I don’t see @Shadow_SAVAGE12 confirmation on this

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Hello Blife!

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ASHHH get padlet, i need someone to talk to :sob:

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i can’tttttttttttttt
im in classssssssssssss

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Can I get it please?

Ahem and not your daughter SUE YOU-


GET PADLETT i need people to talk to-

Okay mom-

I wanna be apart of a CCC family…