The Griller *Reopening and is hiring NEW employees*

You walk inside the oddly VERY normal looking restaurant and see to woman and a cat talking to each other behind the counter, neither see you right away so you sit down and wait, you either want a job or food, or both

runs through the door I NEED A JOB!

The cat and the woman look at the girl who just ran in

yesSSsSS since my boss went missing…

Ok! Gives her the contract for her to sign

signs contract


I’m here

Looks at Michaela’s record
You used to work for Moon?

um yes

Please wait Hannah!

How, sad.



Your fine now, Michaela this is Hannah, the assistant supervisor!

Hi Hannah!!

Hi Michaela!

I feel like you both already know each other!

we both used to work for moon…

Oh, how coincidental.