The Mandela catalouge badge

(someone change it for me plz :sob:)

Badge name: “Mandela Catalouge fans”

Badge Image:

Badge description:

“Huh? you took the risk…looks like your worthy of this badge…Follow my voice”

@blife450 can this plz be a badge


I got you fam.

aye im a fan! can i have it?

thx bruv :saluting_face:

Yes all 3 of yall shall have it

but I gotta wait till @blife450 says its a actual badge

ok thx


:saluting_face: :saluting_face:

Can I have this?


begging please ive had addiction to this since like the second one came out

 I will fool the shepherds. 
I will know their greatest fear. 
  I will know your greatest fear. 

Wake up joseph...

Wake up-
 Wake up-
  Wake up-
   Wake up-
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@Lady_Strawberry please can i have the badge my child :poggers:

can i plzzzzz have this

@blife450 can @mother_rose @duck_man @DukeOfTheUwUs @MetallicC0RAL @Shifter @Noah_The_Egg have this badge?