The Most Important Poll you will have to pick (also doing a argument which is better)

Which is the better game
  • GTA V
  • Minecraft

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(when discussing, try not get flagged for doing the wrong things in the CCC)

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Minecraft for life :v:

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sounds like 5th grade me


We can even make graphics better with shades, I don’t think games are not always have to be so dang realistic people

So this more important than voting on a poll that could deal with someone’s mental health


Actually yes in a way or two

No it’s not. Mental health is way more important than this

what :grinning:

there are a lot of other things that are way more important than this-

This is not what the discussion is about

Ok Grandfather Gem

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how is this even “the most important poll i will have to pick” -

Stop calling me that, that is very sus

omg!1!1! Dave no!

You act like a grandpa tho

:cry: :cry:

grandpa :face_with_raised_eyebrow::camera_flash: / j

I thought you had to go to bed bby -