The new kid

Idk I’m bored and need new friends lol
Be nice!
Be kind to all
Make sure u ask to join before
No guns,Knives
No op ocs
Blur out cuss words like ‘F____ u :joy:
Don’t join if your only here to cause drama (You know who you are :eyes:)
Join if you want to join not because u want to yell at someone
No NSFW Or NSFM :smiling_face:
(This is not a chat btw if u need to talk to me dm me)
New kids crush: @Eleven_Hopper
New kids bff: @Ethan.kun
New kids bully:
Me kids childhood friend: @YOUR-LOCALM0M
New kids bf/gf:


Heya what role do you want?

Nope i good:) but thank u

Oh good afternoon kayla long time no see


Umm hi

How’s your day


That’s good to hear

Todays been quite the day- but it’s going good aswell

Not trynna be rude but can y’all pm each other this is a rp not a chat, Again srry

U sure izabella was crying

Ya she’s kinda doing some bad things

And she’s randomly bringing you in it
But it’s fine now it’s over


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Anyways imma join

Ok good just ignore it and be ha


Join the rp?


Oh okay just tell me which character ur like