The Real Akatsuki Badge

I want a badge created, please! Here are the required info for the badge.

Badge name: ~The Akatsuki~

Image for the badge:

Description of the badge:
The Akatsuki was a group of powerful and notorious criminals that strived for eternal peace but in an unspeakable manner. By joining forces with the Akatsuki, we will strive for a balance of good and bad in this atrocious world we live in.

People that also want it:
@HOMEBOUND_MAK @dediara_00 @Shadow_Monarch @Tuxedo.sam @XxDeadlyRoseKyoxX

Really appreciate it if nobody else got this other than the people I’ve @ - Thank you :)

Thank you @blife450 !! :dragon:


As well as people to add @elucent_elkanahatu @Bocchi @Fluffy_Dutchie_Storm @X.xYuriSoulx.X @xXYour4EverXx

@blife450 You forgot these people :sadblob:

the name cant be fancy, and you have to ping blife

really, kk

why not just use mineeeeee :sadblob:


Cropped the image for you

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Because I was the original founder!

no like you have to remove the stars n such

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thanks Maruki!

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oh damn :skull: ok

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Now I made it :sweat:

Can @Yoda get it-? he loves THe Akatsuki and he also wants to join in

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i’m sorry Oni chan if i made you do this

Oh yes! I will add him!

Oh so you like the akatsuki?

Name every jutsu the akatsuki members used

this is a joke



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added him.