the Topic raids have got to stop...

so it’s when someone that no one wants to join their RP topic or something; who joins anyway, and starts making themselves OP, as well as constantly k i lling the other people in the RP. The only people here that are doing stuff like this are Cam_Man and The_Amunne_Units (i am not pinging them), which cam_man is very, very, very, very notorious for doing topic raids, because he’s raided, like about five of my RP topics, and he raided another one yesterday, so if there was a button which would allow you to report people for topic raid, it would be nice…

(just because no one likes it when their RP is raided by someone who makes their character OP af, and then starts ki lling the others in the RP, and then when they leave, the original creators would try to continue where they were at before they got raided, and then the person would get back on and start a second raid…)

{do NOT ping either of them!!}


it has gotten annoying,

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and both me, Adidas_Doge, and GalaxyWings can prove this!

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what was Cam_Man’s recent raid?

i’ll check…


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the topic (and Cam_Man’s recent raid) is called Among Us Roleplay! (Very sus), it was a different name, until cam_man raided the topic and made it into what it’s called now…

I’ll be honest, that raid was part of a rp i’m doing with cam.
he said we had to make a detour.

oh, but i don’t think that makes it ok for him to raid @Prof_Mathtastic’s topic, tell 'em Prof!

it was supposed to be an RP about Baldi’s basics and other games, not an Among Us RP

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i’ve seen the old name

that dissapointed me because I’m not a fan of among us.

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The next time that cam_man raids a roleplay,
just ignore him.

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