the Universal rift has broke...

this means, all Universes, from Tornado Outbreak, to PVZ2, and others, are capable of entering each other…

(be whoever you want!)

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a rift opens in every reality-

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(yep, even Rodeo Stampede can get in on this…)

looks in the sky oh shi- remembers not to curse in front of children-

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(mind if i be me, @Midnight_Star?)


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hello and good evening, your Greatness. bows


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so, you ready to drink my bl00d, your Greatness?

@Midnight_Star,you here?)

pounces onto his neck-

inserts fangs into neck-

doesn’t try to throw you off of my neck

takes fangs out of his neck-

there, now, let’s find some more humans to Convert, ok your Greatness?


so, your Greatness, who’s next?

doesn’t respond-

turns into a normal star touch elf-

flys into the rift-

(the rift can’t be closed, btw)